Pikes Peak Weavers Guild


Major Workshop – October 11-12, 2023

The Miniature Overshot of Bertha Gray Hayes
By Cathy Coatney

Bring to life the wonderful small works of art that Bertha Gray Hayes compiled during her amazing lifetime! In this 2-day round robin workshop, we will all have our looms dressed with designs from the compilation book, Weaving Designs by Bertha Gray Hayes: Miniature Overshot Patterns, by Smayda, White, and Schelleng. Using only (4!) shafts, there are some amazing designs we can share!

There will be several informative lectures and exercises and woven examples to help understanding this most versatile and easy to conquer two-shuttle weave. Participants will finish with a notebook containing all the drafts and samples from each threading, as well as additional informative handouts. It’s always a great time to connect and enjoy weaving together in the wonderful Carriage House at Julie Penrose House!

This workshop is for all weaving levels. This is a round robin workshop. All participants are expected to come with their loom completely dressed, in good working order and ready for weaving. Drafts and warping information will be sent to you prior to the workshop.

If you are interested please contact Emily Jones through the member directory. We still need more people to sign up. The form will be in the guild newsletter and was recently emailed to guild members.