Pikes Peak Weavers Guild


Major Workshop – March 7-9, 2023

Block Party
By Robyn Spady

Do the terms “block design” and “profile draft” bewilder you? Are you interested in developing new patterns and pushing your loom to new limits? Whether you have a four-shaft loom and want to expand its potential or want to better understand what to do with all those shafts, then this workshop is for you!
Through presentation, discussion, and weaving, you will develop a practical understanding of blocks, profile drafts, and how to use them to create new exciting drafts. You will also examine the fundamental building blocks of many weave structures and how they can be manipulated into new designs and open up an unlimited number of new possibilities.
Minimum four-shaft loom required. There are two eight-shaft drafts. (Note: this is not a round-robin workshop.)
Level: Intermediate to Advanced (and adventure-seeking beginners)
If you are interested please contact Sandy Buhler through the member directory. There are a few spots available. The form is in the guild newsletter.