Pikes Peak Weavers Guild

PPWG Monthly Meeting September, 2023


9:00 am - 12:00 pm


Mountainview Church of Christ
1080 E LaSalle St, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Event Type

The PPWG meeting will be Friday, September 8th.

Meet & Greet at 9am
  • Business Meeting at 9:30am, followed by Show & Tell
  • Program at 11am
  • Guests and Visitors are welcome!
The library will be available to guild members before and after the business meeting.

Program: Wild Silk From India: In All its Forms by Susan DuBois of Treenway Silks

Most of us are familiar with silk from the Bombyx mori silk worm…aka “bombyx silk” or “Mulberry silk.” Did you know there are also different kinds of wild silkworms that produce cocoons and beautiful silk? These wild silks from India can be naturally white, creamy, different shades of gold and even a brownish color. Come learn about these and see/touch these silks [cocoons, mawata, spinning sliver, and yarns] in person.

As usual, in the event of severe weather all PPWG meetings will be cancelled if Colorado Springs School District 11 cancels school that day. If there is a delayed start for D11, look for an email from the PPWG officers regarding the status of the meeting.