Pikes Peak Weavers Guild

PPWG Monthly Meeting March, 2023


9:00 am - 12:00 pm


Mountainview Church of Christ
1080 E LaSalle St, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Event Type

The PPWG meeting will be Friday, March 10th.

Meet & Greet at 9am
  • Business Meeting at 9:30am, followed by Show & Tell
  • Program at 11am
  • Guests and Visitors are welcome!
The library will be available to guild members before and after the business meeting.

Program: Weaving Innovations from the Bateman Collection presented by Robyn Spady

Dr. William G. Bateman created a collection of woven samples that is enormous and impressive, but mostly unseen since Dr. Bateman’s work far exceeds the samples included in the six monographs published in the 1980s by the Shuttle Craft Guild. In this presentation, Robyn Spady will share some of Dr. Bateman’s most innovative work and how he took some weave structures to new heights.

Afternoon Seminar: Four Shafts Aren’t Comlex? Au Contraire! presented by Robyn Spady

Who says weaving on four-shaft looms can’t be complex? Too many people!  In fact, four-shaft looms are capable of much more than many weavers realize. Tapping into the potential of four-shafts helps weavers learn how to maximize undervalued looms and better understand how to exploit the capabilities of looms with more shafts. From turned swivel to integrated double weaves to finding the “fashionable” ways to weave a warp, this is an opportunity for participants to see just how amazing a four-shaft loom can be.

This seminar will be from 1-4pm after the guild meeting, in the same location. It is open to all. It is $40 for PPWG members, and $60 for non-members. You may pay there if you have not already done so. 


As usual, in the event of severe weather all PPWG meetings will be cancelled if Colorado Springs School District 11 cancels school that day. If there is a delayed start for D11, look for an email from the PPWG officers regarding the status of the meeting.