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Colorado Weavers Day Seminar Handouts


For the Love of Weaving: A Fresh Look at the Art of Tablet, Inkle, and Rigid Heddle Weaving.

Join Judi Arndt, Sara Goldenberg and Robin Wilton as they take a new look at these simple yet versatile forms...
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Getting into Galleries and High-End Craft Shows

Karen Pierce will draw from her own experiences – the good, the bad, and the ugly – to guide you...
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Online Resources from Cuttin’ Up!

Here is a list of online resources from the Cuttin’ Up! seminar presented by Helen Bressler, Cathy Coatney, Sandra Hutton, and...
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Spark! Bedazzle! Pop! Your Yarns

In this spinning seminar, learn how using color, textures, and inclusions will take your yarn from “Ho hum” to “Oh,...
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Sensational Towels, Napkins, and Placemats! Ebook

At the 2016 Colorado Weavers Day hosted by Pikes Peak Weavers Guild, Carol Wilkinson led a seminar titled Sensational Towels, Napkins and Placemats!  So many interesting and beautiful textiles were submitted that Board member Betsy Anderson suggested publishing an eBook.  The intent was not to provide detailed how-to instructions but to inspire weavers in different ways to create their own unique work.

A big thanks to the editorial committee who did their best to proofread for errors:  Betsy Anderson, Susan Bowman, Edna Devai, Heather Hubbard, Beverly Weaver and Carol Wilkinson.  Robin Monogue provided web support;  photography and graphic design is by Susan Bowman and where noted, pottery was created by Linda Shaffer.

The ebook PDF files, photography, and text are copyright © 2016 by Pikes Peak Weavers Guild. Permission is granted to download, store, and print the book for personal use. The content is not to be re-published in whole or in part in any medium without the express permission of the creators. You are welcome to share the links to this resource on social media, but may not re-host the files on a filesharing or other website. Please contact Pikes Peak Weavers Guild for specific permission. Thank you for respecting the work that went into the creation of this book.

Download Information

This ebook is a PDF file. To save the ebook file to your hard drive, you should right-click on the link, and select “Save linked file” or whichever similar option is offered by your specific web browser. Clicking the link will generally open the PDF directly in your browser window for immediate viewing. Let the whole PDF load before trying to scroll through the pages to avoid a possible download glitch. WIF files that will let you put the drafts directly into most weaving software can be downloaded from links in the ebook.

If the large file doesn’t load well on your computer, PDF files for the individual sections are available under each project portfolio shown below.

Note: This is an updated version of the ebook, which fixed links to the WIF files and will allow clicking on the table of contents to jump you to that section of the book. Enjoy!

Download the Ebook

Sensational Towels, Napkins, and Placemats! Individual project downloads

The section below features the projects from each chapter of the ebook. If you are having trouble downloading the 50 page ebook file, there are individual PDFs for each chapter, shown under the project portfolios below. Click the chain link icon on the preview image to get more information for each chapter.

Getting More with Supplementary Warp

Woven by Cathy Sterling, this supplementary warp design with goose eye blocks as the ground weave is adapted from a draft in A Handweaver’s...
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Towels in Versatile Turned Twill

Heather Hubbard and Helen Bressler collaborated on the design for this beautiful towel, which was woven by Heather. Different sizes of blocks were employed...
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Big Color on 6 Shafts!

In 2014, Pikes Peak Weavers Guild’s More Than Four study group used a 4 block profile draft by Rosalie Neilson as the basis for...
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Overshot Christmas Towels

It’s not too early to be thinking about items to give as hostess gifts for the holidays! The idea for this towel woven by...
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Park Weave Tea Towel

This towel with a pleasing color gradation was woven by Susan Bowman as part of a study with the Foothills Guild in 2014. The...
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Splashes-of-Color Towels

The shimmering hand painted warp colors in this towel by Jan Seltman look striking with the gold in the weft! This warp came from...
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Earthy Colors in a Textured Weave

The inspiration for this towel woven by Carol Wilkinson came from a picture of the English countryside in the fall. Several wrappings of color combinations...
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Rep Weave Mats in Southwestern Inspired Colors

Beverly Weaver wove this rep placemat with alternating thick and thin wefts. The thick weft is an unusual cotton yarn that was purchased when...
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An Elegant M and W Tea Towel

Marjie Thompson defines Gebrochene twills in the Best of Weaver’s Twill Thrills, edited by Madelyn van der Hoogt: “Gebrochene is the German term for...
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Fun with Four Color Doubleweave

The initial design for this towel woven by Edna Devai came from Marguerite Davison’s A Handweavers Pattern Book, Blooming Leaves, p. 133. She translated...
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Different Ways to Create Beautiful Blocks

Our table is graced with diversified plain weave placemats woven by Heather Hubbard, and a modified rep weave towel woven by Beverly Weaver. There...
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Colorful Placemats and Rainbow Towels

These two projects give you a wonderful opportunity to use color to highlight different twill structures. Pull out your stash and have fun designing...
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Retro Waves and Dots

Susan Bowman designed this towel in Photoshop using methods described by Margaret Coe, Alice Schlein and others in books and articles. Two weave structures,...
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Rep Weave Placemats in Favorite Team Colors

These placemats woven by Sandy Hutton were gifts for a wedding; she used their favorite team’s colors! The idea for these came from Kelly...
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Placemats and Towels from the Same Warp

Dottie Weir used a variety of colors in random order to create a 14 yard warp to make 8 placemats and 8 kitchen towels....
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Intricate Stripes from Rosepath with Multiple Tabby Weave

The pattern for these towels by Carol Wilkinson allows you to vary color themes and end up with diverse results, all of which are striking....
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Bold Graphics in Mezo American Key Motif

Central and South American designs have an appealing graphic quality that inspired this tea towel. These designs can be found on textiles and pottery...
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“Say Cheese” Bronson Lace Napkins

Sandy Hutton created these delicate napkins as a gift with the color inspiration coming from the mug included in the picture. The napkins are...
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A Finely Woven Towel with Twill Blocks

Color inspiration comes from everyday life, even from your breakfast bowl of cereal with blueberries and bananas. Twill blocks or twill damask is a...
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Bateman Combination Weave Towel

Draft 99 (p. 83) from Boulevard, Chevron, and Combination Weaves, based on Dr. William G. Bateman’s Manuscript, edited by Virginia I. Harvey offers interesting...
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Variegated Warp for a Complex Look

“I love a simple pattern that allows for different variations of twill to be embedded into plain weave,” says Julia Nace about this towel....
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Ebook Cover and Table of Contents

For those who downloaded the ebook in sections rather than one big file, here is a copy of the cover and table of contents...
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