Rep Weave Mats in Southwestern Inspired Colors

by Beverly Weaver


Beverly Weaver wove this rep placemat with alternating thick and thin wefts. The thick weft is an unusual cotton yarn that was purchased when a local weaver moved out of state. It is a slubby yarn with an interior core that has compact wraps of a smaller grist cotton on the outside. She hand dyed the skeins in browns and peachy colors with MX dyes. The other placemats in the basket were woven on the same warp with either brown fabric or darker values of the brown and peach thick weft. Two placemats were woven with each of the three types of weft.

The twill napkins were woven by Carol Wilkinson (instuctions not included).

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Structure: Rep weave, 6 shaft
Warp: 22/2 cottolin:

  • Color A: Natural
  • Color B: Brown
  • Color C: White
  • Color D: Peach

Thick Weft: Nubby yarn with cotton wrapped around a core yarn, hand dyed in brown and peach colors
Thin Weft: 22/2 cottolin in Color B, natural
Warp sett: 16 ends per inch, 8 dent reed, 2 ends per dent
Width in reed: 14″
Dimensions after hemming and wet-finishing: 13.5″ x 20″