Park Weave Tea Towel

by Susan Bowman


This towel with a pleasing color gradation was woven by Susan Bowman as part of a study with the Foothills Guild in 2014. The project was to apply Park Weaves to a block profile or to design a Park Weave of your choice. We studied Park Weaves, Dr. William G. Bateman’s manuscript, edited by Virginia I. Harvey.

Susan likes to design in the lift plan, and so created two Park Weave presets from the drawdowns of blocks A and B on p. 32-33. A zig zag design was created in Photoshop, then presets were assigned to the pattern and the background to create a liftplan. Another very helpful resource was an article by Lynn Smetko in Complex Weavers Journal, “Park by Presets”, June 2012, p. 13-14.

Download the WIF file

Download Park Weave Tea Towel PDF

Structure: Bateman Park Weave, 24 shaft
Warp: 8 different colors of cotton and linen, ranging from 22/2 to 5/2

  • Color A: Light green
  • Color B: Yellow green
  • Color C: Light rust
  • Color D: Medium red brown
  • Color E: Dark red brown
  • Color F: Brown burgundy
  • Color G: Red violet
  • Color H: Dark purple

Pattern Weft: 8/2 unmercerized cotton, teal
Tabby Weft: 12/2 unmercerized cotton, medium blue
Warp sett: 24 ends per inch, 12 dent reed, 2 ends per dent
Width in reed: 16″
Dimensions after hemming and wet finishing: 14″ x 20″