Intricate Stripes from Rosepath with Multiple Tabby Weave

by Carol Wilkinson


The pattern for these towels by Carol Wilkinson allows you to vary color themes and end up with diverse results, all of which are striking. The pattern was found in A Weaver’s Book of 8-Shaft Patterns from the Friends of Handwoven, edited by Carol Strickler (draft 728, page 228). The multiple tabby blocks allow for placement of various warp threads.

The blocks used in this draft are on page 70 of Dr. William G. Bateman’s Multiple Tabby Weaves, which was edited by Virginia I. Harvey. Bateman defined the term Multiple Tabby Weaves as used in his book:

“There is no true tabby in the Multiple Tabby Weaves, so in this text, the term tabby is used frequently to mean the treadling or the interlacement that weaves a plain weave across the threading of only one of the blocks (two-thread skips occur in the other blocks) and usually the block that weaves tabby is identied. To a purist, this is not the correct use of the term tabby; however no word exists that would be correct, and tabby with an explanation seems preferable to part-tabby or some other manufactured term.”


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Structure: Twill, 8 shaft
Warp: 8/2 unmercerized cotton in the following colors:

  • Color A: Purple
  • Color B: Light yellow
  • Color C: Amethyst
  • Color D: Raspberry
  • Color E: Rust

Weft: 22/2 cottolin, burgundy
Warp sett: 24 ends per inch, 12 dent reed, sley 2 ends per dent
Width in reed: 22.2″, Use Floating selvages
Dimensions after hemming and wet-finishing: 17.3″ x 28.5″