Getting More with Supplementary Warp

by Cathy Sterling


Woven by Cathy Sterling, this supplementary warp design with goose eye blocks as the ground weave is adapted from a draft in A Handweaver’s Pattern Book by Marguerite Porter Davison, p. 36. Put on a long neutral warp and have fun designing at your loom with different colors and patterns.The 7 yard warp alternates 2 yellow with 2 natural threads, and uses floating selvages. Treadle “tromp as writ”.

Towel 1 uses a navy weft. Towel 2 alternates red and green stripes with a decorative yellow band at the headers. For towels 3 and 4, blue and rust supplementary warps were threaded through the points of the twills. You can add just a few color accents or design stripes or plaids to highlight areas of emphasis on these towels.

On the pictured towel, supplementary warp threads were added to existing threads at each twill point
to create vertical stripes.

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Structure: Straight and point twill, 4 shaft
Warp: 8/2 cottolin, 2 yellow alternated with 2 natural
Supplementary warp: 8/2 cottolin, blue and rust
Weft: 8/2 cottolin, beige, blue, and rust
Warp sett: 24 ends per inch, 12 dent reed, 2 ends per dent
Width in reed: 20″, use floating selvages
Dimensions after hemming and wet finishing: 17″ x 30″