Fun with Four Color Doubleweave

by Edna Devai


The initial design for this towel woven by Edna Devai came from Marguerite Davison’s A Handweavers Pattern
, Blooming Leaves, p. 133. She translated this into a 4 shaft, 4 color doubleweave pattern. The two warp colors weave on both sides, but only one weft color weaves on the front, with the other color on the back. With double treadling you can weave this on a 4 shaft direct tie-up loom. Make sure you have enough heddles for each shaft.

To create a closed selvage, start your shuttles on the same side. Put the top weft color shuttle close to you and the bottom color above it. Finish hems by turning them inside against each other. A long warp allows for multiple color plans with your weft; have fun designing these new blends of color!

To see the entire draft for the 8 treadle version:

Download 8-Treadle WIF file

To see the entire draft for the 4 treadle version:

Download 4-Treadle WIF file

For this section of the Ebook only:

Download Four Color Doubleweave PDF

Structure: 4 Color Doubleweave on 4 shafts
Warp: 20/2 mercerized cotton, Alternate colors:

  • Color A: Deep red
  • Color B: Light yellow

Weft: 20/2 mercerized cotton, Alternate colors:

  • Color C: Light purple
  • Color D: Light pink-orange

Warp sett: 60 ends per inch, 15 dent reed, 4 ends per dent
Width in reed: 12″
Dimensions after hemming and wet-finishing: 10.75″ x 18.5″