Big Color on 6 Shafts!

by Robin Monogue


In 2014, Pikes Peak Weavers Guild’s More Than Four study group used a 4 block profile draft by Rosalie Neilson as the basis for a study. We each designed a project based around the same profile, adding repeats or borders as we chose. The colors for this study were inspired by paint chip color names beginning with our initials. In this towel woven by Robin Monogue, the colors served as the end points of a gradient running from dark red to bright orange-yellow, and back again. Summer & winter needs only 6 shafts to weave the 4 blocks used in this design.

Summer & winter can be treadled in four ways to achieve different appearances of the pattern weft. See Chapter 15 of A Weaver’s Book of 8-Shaft Patterns From the Friends of Handwoven, edited by Carol Strickler, for a good discussion of the different treadling methods.The design was treadled in alternate fashion, switching units after 3 pattern picks, rather than the more usual 4. This allowed the pattern to square better.


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Download Big Color on 6 Shafts PDF

Structure: Summer & Winter, 6 shaft
Warp: 22/2 Cottolin, dark red to orange-yellow, gradated to the center and back again
Thick Weft: Approximately 8/4 multi strand cotton, burgundy
Tabby Weft: 22/2 Cottolin, red
Warp sett: 18 ends per inch, 12 dent reed, sley 1-2
Width in reed: 22.8″, Use floating selvages
Dimensions after hemming and wet finishing: 19.75″ x 27.25″